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Pastor's Notes 

Dear friends, 

I would like to thank all who helped us a lot, last week to make the Corpus Christi Celebration and Eucharistic Procession a success. This was a very timely celebration to remind us of the importance of the Eucharist in our Christian life. Our world greatly hungers for Christ. In the blessed sacrament, the body and blood of Christ we experience his fullness, his soul, and his divinity. In the eucharist we see the presence, the power, and the promise of God to us realized. In the Eucharist We are healed, nurtured, and nourished. Thanks to our clergy, sacristans, staff, volunteers. Our hospitality ministry, the Knights of Columbus, Altar Servers, Musicians, Pastoral Care ministers, ushers and greeters, the police and city of Havre de Grace for making our procession a great success. 


Friends, please pray for our Confirmation candidates who will receive the sacrament next weekend. They have grown over the year in a tremendous way in their faith. May they continue to grow and blossom in their faith all the days of their life. We need more faith filled and courageous young people to help bring the light of Christ to the world. 


This weekend, we welcome Seminarian An Dinh who will be with us for the summer to pray, learn and grow with us all in his vocation. Seminarian An is originally from Vietnam. He is a graduate of IT and Philosophy. He joins the Archdiocese of Baltimore to study for the priesthood. May you always keep praying for him and welcome him to our parish. He will be introducing himself this weekend at all our Masses. After the 10:30am Mass we will have a reception in the courtyard to welcome him and have a moment of meet and greet with him. 

Friends, this weekend, the scripture readings challenge us to face rejection with prophetic courage and optimism. Very often our friends, families, or childhood companions fail to listen to us and refuse to accept the words of grace, love, and encouragement that we offer to them because they know so much about us and are so used to us, they disregard what we have to say, if they even hear it! But we have to face such rejection with prophetic courage because by our Baptism we are called to be prophets like Jesus, sharing his prophetic mission. As prophets, our task is to speak the truth in love and choose to discourage sinful behavior even in our dear ones, without “excommunicating” them, from our lives, but continuing to love them while we pray for them. 


What is needed in a Christian is the courage of his or her convictions based on the authority of Jesus as God and the truth of his doctrines and expressed in the Magisterium of the Church.


Let us also remember that by Baptism we become the children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus, and members of the Heavenly family of the Triune God. we then have the obligations of treating others with love and respect and of sharing our love with them in corporal and spiritual works of mercy. remember that as disciples of Christ, we are both hearers as well as doers of the word of God. 


May we keep our souls daily cleansed and filled with the Spirit of God.


Lastly, Next Saturday we will welcome Bishop Adam Parker to our parish. He will be celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation with our youth and children. Friends, let us pray for this confirmation candidates who are preparing to be confirmed on June 15th. Both our High Schoolers and the Pilot group for the children's confirmation that the Spirit of the Lord may come down on them and journey with them forever.


May God Bless you always. 

Fr. Francis

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