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Pastor's Notes 

Dear friends,

As we continue to journey through this Holy Lenten Season, this weekend, like each year on the second Sunday of Lent, we reflect on the Transfiguration of Jesus. We see Jesus taking three of his disciples—Peter, James, and John—to a high mountain. 

While they are there, Elijah and Moses appear with Jesus. Elijah and Moses are significant figures in the history of Israel. Moses led the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and received from Yahweh the Ten Commandments. In appearing with Jesus at his Transfiguration, Moses represents the Law that guides the lives of the Jewish people. Elijah is remembered as one of the most important prophets of Israel who helped the Israelites stay faithful to Yahweh. Some Jews believed that Elijah’s return would signal the coming of the Messiah for the Jewish people. The appearance of these two important figures from Israel’s history with Jesus signifies that Jesus is the fulfillment of all that was promised to the people of Israel.


On seeing Jesus with Elijah and Moses and having witnessed his Transfiguration, the disciples offers to construct three tents for them and a voice from heaven speaks, affirming Jesus as God's Son and commanding the disciples to obey him. This voice from heaven recalls the voice that was heard at Jesus’ baptism. 


In his Transfiguration, we see an anticipation of the glory of His Resurrection. Jesus instructs the disciples to keep secret what they have seen until after the Son of Man has risen from the dead. In our hearing of it, we anticipate Jesus’ Resurrection, even as we prepare to remember Jesus’ passion and death.  For us therefore, every mass is a reminder of this transfiguration. 


As we continue to declutter our minds, hearts, schedules, souls, relationships may we ready ourselves to cling to Jesus like the disciples at the transfiguration. 


I continue to remind us all that during the season of Lent on Mondays we will have our Lenten Confessions from 6pm to 7pm prior to the Novena and Benediction. 


Each Friday during Lent too, we will be having our Stations of the Cross in the church at 6:30pm. 


We will also have our Parish Mission/Retreat March 13th and 14th at 7pm in the Hall. 
Fr. Ed Griswold, powerful speaker and former professor of Homiletics will be offering us powerful evenings of reflection on “Lenten Prayer toward Baptismal Renewal” to awaken our growth in Faith, Hope, and Love.  


On March 17th we will have our St. Patrick’s Dinner and tickets are available. Please call the office to secure a ticket for yourself or family and friends. Tickets are on sale also at the end of each Mass. Visit

May God Bless you always. 

Fr. Francis

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