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Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries
throughout the Archdiocese of Baltimore 

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Dear friends,


As it is each year, this weekend we announced the start of our Annual Appeal, a time when we embrace the theme 'Faith in Action: Transforming Lives and Impacting Communities.’ This theme is a call to each of us to live out our faith through deeds that extend beyond these walls. It is about putting our belief into practical, loving action, to transform lives and positively impact the communities we are part of.


Since the start of the Annual Appeal, Catholics across Maryland have supported more than 100 ministries, spreading far and wide across the state.

When you make a gift to the Annual Appeal for Catholic Ministries, you:

  • Provide essential spiritual care and support through the Hospital Chaplaincy ministry, directly aiding patients and families in healthcare settings during challenging times.

  • Contribute to the serenity and spiritual growth facilitated by the Monsignor O’Dwyer Retreat House, offering a space for re- flection and renewal.

  • Support the Office of Divine Worship, enhancing the liturgical life of our Archdiocese and enriching our communal experiences of sacraments and divine worship.

  • Strengthen family bonds within the Catholic community via the Family Ministry, offering resources and support for families in diverse life stages.

  • Lastly, ensure the well-being and spiritual health of our clergy through the Clergy Care ministry, providing them with the nec- essary support and resources for their vital roles in spiritual guidance.

These ministries, along with many others like the Black Catholic Ministries, Camp Glow, Prison and Hospital Ministry, and Youth Ministry, are examples of our Faith in Action. 

They are where our faith becomes a beacon of hope and a force for change. A por- tion of every gift is rebated back to us, funding ministry right here in our community. This means your generosity not only reaches across the Archdiocese but also nurtures our local parish life.


This year, our parish goal is $47,493 dollars. It's my hope and prayer that we can meet this target, reflecting our commitment to both our parish and the broader Church community. Next week, at Mass, we will focus on increasing our collective participation in this mission.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and for the various ways you contribute to our Church's life and mission. May God bless and guide each of us in our reflections and decisions in the coming week.

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