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Experience the Love and Comfort of Our Blessed Mother

Since the earliest days of the Church, Catholics have shown devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. They knew that throughout her life she heard the word of God and kept it, regardless of the cost. Her intercession spared the wedding couple of Cana from embarrassment. And she stood by her Son, even at the foot of the Cross. 

Our Blessed Mother will do the same for us. She will bring us to Jesus, help us become better disciples, and she will teach us how to pray.


Prayer is the language of the heart, and prayer to Jesus through our Blessed Mother strengthens us, gives us hope, and unites us to heaven. Join us in praying our Miraculous Medal Novena. Mary has promised us graces if we come to the altar and ask for them. So come, ask, and know you’re being heard.


The Miraculous Medal Perpetual Novena


The Miraculous Medal Perpetual Novena is not an ancient one. It was started at The Miraculous Medal Shrine on Monday, December 8, 1930, by Father Joseph A. Skelly, CM, founder of the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal. To this day, the Perpetual Novena has continued uninterrupted each Monday at The Miraculous Medal Shrine. Thousands of people around the world join us in praying this Novena, either at the Shrine, through the Internet, or in their parishes. They’ve experienced the love and comfort of our Blessed Mother and her Son, Jesus—and you can too. 

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