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Pastoral Council 

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The Pastoral Council is a consultative advisory body whose purpose is to assist the pastor and the pastoral staff in actualizing the mission of the parish.  Our mission here at St. Patrick's Church is this:  To help offer a place for all to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in their faith.  The members of the Pastoral Council are leaders within the parish community and reflect the rich diversity of our parish. 

The current members of the council are; 

  1. Richard Elliott, OFS, Chairperson. Click here to Contact 

  2. Betty Angelucci

  3. Carole Boniface

  4. Mike Bauer

  5. Stephan Eltgroth

  6. John Giganti

  7. John Haffey

  8. Carolyn Jiles 

  9. Judy Plitt

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