Finance Committee Members
1. John Hamilton - Chairperson (Contact)
2. Keith Costello
3. Bernie Lorenz
4. Bert Deluigi
5. Leo Trial 
6. Malcom George 

Parish Corporators 
1. Emory Plitt 
2. Paul Ishak 


At St. Patrick's, the Parish Finance Committee consists of parishioners appointed by the pastor/administrator who are qualified in financial matters. The Finance Committee meets regularly in the parish office.

The council meets to discuss the financial state of the parish.

"The 1983 Code of Canon Law has introduced a new and separate consultative body to parish life. "Each parish is to have a FINANCE COUNCIL which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop" (3c).

"The purpose of the parish FINANCE COUNCIL is to provide the pastor with a group of Christian faithful who will aid him in the administration of parish goods according to these norms. While distinct from the PASTORAL COUNCIL of the parish, this FINANCE COUNCIL is to serve the goals and objectives set forth by the PASTORAL COUNCIL, both being guided by the mission statement of the parish."

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