Confirmation is a Sacrament of Initiation in the Church.

Confirmation allows us to be marked with the seal of the Holy Spirit

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                      Confirmation for 2021-2022


Confirmation is for high schoolers that are in 9th grade or older, who have been in two consecutive years of Faith Formation either in Catholic private school, Faith Formation, or a homeschool setting.

The gatherings are on Wednesday nights.

The gatherings will invite and draw the youth into the Lord’s most powerful message to give witness to mercy with their lives!

Registration form Confirmation-registration-2021-2022

Calendar 2021-2022  coming soon


1. Candidates must be enrolled and participate in either a Catholic School, Home schooling or a Faith Formation Program for two years.

2. Families need to be registered with the parish

3. Candidates need to be Baptized.

4. Candidates and their families should attend Sunday liturgy and Holy Days of Obligation. Families should be active in the life of the parish.

5. Candidate needs to be at least in 9th grade. 

6. Will need a copy of Sacrament certificate.

7. Candidates will need to attend the retreat.


If you have any questions, please call the parish office and speak to Annemarie Dirndorfer at 410-939-2525.