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Convent Renovation Project

To Help us with the Renovation Project, Please contact
Mr. Keith Costello Project Coordinator and Member of the Finance Council
Mr. John Hamilton
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Over the course of the past few months, St. Patrick has had to make a few adjustments in the plan for the future. As some of you are aware, the building that we have known as the Rectory has long had a problem with water coming into the basement. This problem has gone from something that was going to need attention in the future, to a problem that required a move to another location for priests residence. The office staff had not worked from this location since March of 2020. 


Fortunately, we are blessed at St. Patrick’s with several buildings that are in pretty good shape. One of which is the former Convent, built in 1954, behind the Church. 

The Convent originally housed the Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred Hearts, who taught the children at the school. There were sisters living in the Convent for about 19 years, and since then the space has been repurposed several times. 

Floor Plans


The building currently houses on the ground floor the Chapel, where daily mass took place pre-Covid, and the “The Kitchen Door”, St Patrick’s food pantry and ministry to those in need in our community. There are also a couple of meeting spaces.

But for the purpose of creating a living space, the important part of the building now is a very  large unused second floor, which was where the nuns had their bedrooms and living space. 

This space is now designated as the new Rectory! In order to make it livable for the priests.  Some pretty major renovation is going to have to take place. 

Below are images of the floor plans after the space has been renovated:

First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan

Current State

Below are some images of what we have now:

This is the hallway, from the top of the stairs at the back of the building, to the window that looks out onto Stokes street. In the space that is now a restroom there will be a kitchen. This space is over the previous kitchen space that is now part of the Kitchen Door ministry. Across the hall will be the living room.

There will also be two bedrooms and bathrooms and a laundry. This therefore means that there is so much to be done.  The plans have been drawn, permits filed, and the project is almost ready to begin. The financial part of this endeavor is also underway and while there has been progress made in raising funds, this project is still in need of more donors. 

To make a Donation, please write a check to the parish identifying it for this project or donate online through our Gift-central Platform. No gift is too small. 

As of now, the formal project approval from Archbishop expected by end of January.  

Permits from the County has been granted.  Our goal is that work will begin early in February with a late April completion date. 

For more införmation about this project, please contact Mr. Keith Costello, the Project Coordinator 




Kitchen Door Ministry


Meeting Room


Future Bedroom


Future Kitchen