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What is the Synod 

In the Fall of 2021 Pope Francis launched a worldwide conversation, an effort to LISTEN to all the voices of the Church, called a ‘Synod’. ‘Synod’ is an ancient word that means ‘the Way,’ or the ‘followers of Jesus.’ In fact, Christians were once called ‘Followers of the Way.’ Wherever there are Catholics in the world, Dioceses, Parishes, Catholic Institutions, Schools, Hospitals, people from every walk of life are coming together to share, LISTEN, dialog and DREAM about the future of the Church. 

In the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the Synod began with a special opening Mass with Archbishop Lori last October 17th. We are now in a period when parishes and other church organizations are consulting and LISTENING and sharing their experience and faith. Once completed, all the feedback will be compiled and sent to the Archdiocese of Baltimore, and from there to the Vatican in Rome. 

Finally, in 2023, all the Bishops and Cardinals will gather in Rome with Pope Francis to LISTEN to, digest and process all the feedback from across the globe and DREAM a path for the future of the worldwide Church. 

Our St. Patrick Team is chaired by Mrs. Stacie McSpadden. 

Please join us for this Wonderfull opportunity to share your voice with the universal Church.  

If you have any questions please ask Fr. Francis     or

Mrs Stacie McSpadden 

Come and let your voices be Heard, the church wants to hear from you.


We invite you to come to St. Patrick Church, to let your voice be heard! Pope Francis is asking the whole Church to “LISTEN” to each other, and we are asking you to help us, St. Patrick’s and the universal Church! Answer the call of being a Synodal Church. 

The church wants to listen to what YOU have to say, and especially to include people of all ages, gender, race, backgrounds, experiences - whether you are a regularly attending parishioner, or feel that you are “on the edge” or not a part of your Catholic community. How could the Church, locally and universally, be better for you.

Please plan to join us for our ‘Synod Meetings’ for a session of non-judgmental dialogue and intentional LISTENING and sharing. Help us make sure the voice and experience of our local community is heard!


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