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Pastor's Notes 

Dear friends,


As we approach this upcoming July 4th week, I hope that each of you are able to take some time and enjoy the holiday and give thanks for the many blessings in your lives. We offer our gratitude to the Almighty God for the blessing it is to be citizens of the United States of America as we celebrate the Nation’s 246th year of independence. 


Let us pray that the right to life, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence as a right that comes from God alone, might be afforded to all. May the words of St. Paul from Galatians Ch. 5:1 which reads, “For freedom Christ has set us free,” be a reminder to all of us that the freedom Christ has given us is not a license to do whatever we want to do, but what we ought to do, as beloved sons and daughters of God the Father. 

The War of Independence was a struggle for freedom from the tyrannical rule of King George III. The struggle for independence as Catholic citizens in 2022 is rooted in truth, religious liberty, the principles of natural law, and most importantly - eternal life in heaven. 

May we never take our freedom for granted, for our eternal citizenship is at stake. 

I wish a blessed 4th of July to you all. 

I remind you that on Monday the 4th of July we will have Mass in the morning at 8:15am. We will however not have our normal Adoration on the 4th of July.

I invite you to our 4th of July Parade which will take place on Sunday the 3rd of July. St. Patrick Church will be in the parade this year.


I thank you also for the warm welcome you have offered me at this parish for a year now. I can truly say that it has been a wonderful year so far. Your welcome, faith, prayers, cooperation and support have made my ministry here very fruitful.

I look forward to many more years.


Please join us also for our Parish Pictorial Directory that we will be producing as part of our 175th anniversary celebration. we will be taking pictures in August 17th - 20th and September 14th to 17th from 2pm to 8:30pm each day in the McCrory Room in the ministry Building. More information will be in the bulletin about this.


Lastly, I will be traveling to visit my family in Uganda later this week. I will be praying for you all and please do the same for me. I will see you all later in the month.  Our parish offices will continue to be open. I will be writing to you a few notes from there too. 


May God Bless you always. 


Fr. Francis